Arlington County Board Backs Established Mission of Potomac Overlook Regional Park

In response to concerns raised by half a dozen Arlington civic associations, and many area residents, the Arlington County Board last week confirmed its support for the established mission of Potomac Overlook Regional Park.

County Board Chair Mary Hynes wrote February 3rd that “Arlington wishes to keep Potomac Overlook ‘as is’ where users can continue to enjoy the open space, nature, and educational opportunities that the park provides.” The full letter is attached below.

The Board’s action follows meetings by members of the Potomac Overlook Preservation Association (POPA), the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (owners of the park), and many others, in response to proposals for the park that generated controversy in 2013.

Last year, six local civic associations formally asked the Arlington County Board to re-commit to the park’s original and current mission as a nature preserve, environmental education center, and low-impact park. Those include Donaldson Run Civic Association, Cherrydale Citizens Association, Old Dominion Citizens Association, Waverly Hills Civic Association, Williamsburg Civic Association, and Yorktown Civic Association.

With its February 3rd letter, the County Board endorsed the civic associations’ request and reiterated its support for the park.

POPA views this as a helpful development that demonstrates the commitment of individual park users, local civic associations, and the County Board to protect this largest remaining contiguous green space left in Arlington.

We will continue to use and monitor the park, and hope that you will too. On behalf of Potomac Overlook, thanks for all your support!

 —     Potomac Overlook Preservation Association


From: ”  (imailagent)” <>

Date: February 3, 2015 at 12:53:47 PM EST
To: <donaldsonruncivicassociation>
Subject: Responding to your message (Intranet Quorum IMA00308826)

Dear Ms. Wilson,

On behalf of the County Board thank you for sharing your concerns over the future of Potomac Overlook Park. Working with Paul Ferguson, one of Arlington’s appointees to the Park Authority, I have confirmed that the Board and staff of NOVA Parks (formerly known as the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA)) have no plans to make changes to the wildlife preserve, educational and low-impact nature of Potomac Overlook Park.  We have made it clear to the NOVA Park Staff that Arlington wishes to keep Potomac Overlook “as is” where users can continue to enjoy the open space, nature, and educational opportunities that the park provides.

The County Board agrees with you on the importance of protecting our open, natural spaces in Arlington County and we will continue to take steps to support and preserve our public land. Thank you for your thoughtfulness on this issue, I encourage you to stay involved in the public land discussions.


Mary Hynes


cc: Paul Ferguson

Mike Nardolilli

Paul Gilbert, executive director of NOVA Parks


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