The Worst Ideas

This document shows the NVRPA public proposal for building a new treetop shelter that would be rented out, probably with a fee-based zip line, a clear violation of the park’s mission “to provide a protected woodland sanctuary, in order to preserve environmental quality and species diversity,” to “enjoy low-impact recreational activities and physical exercise,” and to “preserving undeveloped woodlands for protection of the environment, existing ecosystems and biological diversity.” NVRPA also wants to construct a youth group campground, probably near the old Indian encampment and existing fire ring.

This document shows plans for the new parking lot, which would create 40 new parking spaces (30 paved spaces currently exist), and create space for a large transportation shelter capable of handling buses and large groups. In order to construct this, the existing park entrance gate would be pushed farther down Marcey Road about to where the foundations of the old barn are currently located.

This document shows plans for the new group rental pavilion, which would replace the existing music stage. Concurrent with this structure would be a reduction in the park’s current schedule of summer concerts and the introduction of “name” bands to attract bigger crowds.

This shows shows potential locations for the proposed “urban agriculture” plots, which would consume an estimated two acres. Park officials describe this a revenue-generating facility that would not serve as a community garden.

NVRPA also is proposing to take over control of the adjoining Marcey Park, owned by Arlington County, which includes both tennis and basketball courts.


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