NRVPA’s Plan

On Feb. 25, 2013, the NRVPA publicly released its “improvement” plans for Potomac Overlook Regional Park. This document is the Authority’s full presentation of the plan.

Although Mike Nardolilli, one of Arlington’s two representatives on the NRVPA, described these changes as “minor modifications,” in fact the worst proposals would clearly violate the primary mission and purpose of the park (nature preservation, environmental protection, and low-impact recreation) in favor of high-impact recreational development.

The Feb. 26 ARLNow news story about the NVRPA plan said the Authority will hold “at least one more meeting with community members regarding finalized plans before renovations begin.” This has been disputed by Mike Nardolilli, Arlington County representative on the NRVPA board; Paul Gilbert, NVRPA executive director; and Roy Geiger, park manager; all of whom have publicly said this project is in the very early planning stages, that extensive public outreach will be held before any final plan is developed, and that no construction has been approved or is scheduled to begin.


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