Park’s Mission and Purpose

This document is is the NRVPA’s general mangement plan for Potomac Overlook Park, and includes these revelvant sections about the park’s mission and vision — key points that are almost completely ignored in the Authority’s proposed “improvements.”

General Management Plan for


The mission of Potomac Overlook Regional Park is to provide a protected
woodland sanctuary, in order to preserve environmental quality and species
diversity; to provide environmental and cultural education, stressing the
relationship between all living organisms and to provide a natural setting in which
to enjoy low impact recreational activities and physical exercise.


• Preserving undeveloped woodlands for protection of the environment, existing ecosystems and biological diversity.
• Providing a variety of educational opportunities through programs and activities, interpreting the relationship of human and natural history of the region.
• Encouraging low impact recreational uses and physical activities in a natural setting that contribute to environmental awareness and stewardship of the parklands.
• Sponsoring cultural programs and events that encourage community involvement
and participation.
• Conserving and protecting the natural environment relative to the water quality of the Potomac River watershed and the Chesapeake Bay.
• Protecting habitats of rare, threatened or endangered plant and animal species;
exemplary natural communities and other significant natural features.
• Protecting and interpreting significant cultural resources of the citizens of
northern Virginia.
• Contributing to environmental education and protection for all NVRPA properties.


Potomac Overlook Regional Park has been identified in three planning projects
currently under way; NVRPA currently participates in an advisory capacity in
these planning projects:

• The Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail. Designated a unit of the
National Park Service system in 1983, the 704 mile trail will provide a
corridor between the Chesapeake Bay and the Allegheny Highlands, to
enhance public awareness of the resources of the Potomac River and
Chesapeake Bay watershed.
• The Mount Vernon Multi-Use Trail Extension Feasibility Study. Initiated
by the National Park Service, this study proposes to extend the trail from
Theodore Roosevelt Island, north to the American Legion Bridge.
• A Guide to the Potomac River Gorge is a cooperative project of the
National Park Service and George Washington University‘s International
Institute of Tourism Studies. The guide will complement existing and
planned guides for other regions including the multi-jurisdictional
Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.

Research Projects and Studies
Future planning and management of Potomac Overlook Regional Park could
benefit from additional studies and research into the following areas as funding
and staffing becomes available:

• Detailed natural resource inventories
• Detailed prehistoric and historic archaeological surveys
• Volunteer program expansion


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