Reasons Why Not

The key reasons why the development plan is wrong: 

  • PROCESS: NVRPA needs to disclose its complete, detailed plans for development of Potomac Overlook Park and its schedule for proceeding–which it has not yet done.
  • PURPOSE: The NVRPA development plan for Potomac Overlooks is a clear violation of the park’s mission and purpose. The park was created to be a nature preserve with low-impact recreational uses. The NRVPA is proposing to reduce the tree cover, pave more of the park, and construct high-impact recreational facilities incompatible with the reasons why the park was created, how it has always been used, and why it exists.
  • KEEP THE GOOD, NOT THE BAD: The proposals aimed at natural resource protection–removal of invasive species–are laudable and needed. Paving parkland and high-impact recreational elements are not.
  • JUSTIFICATION: The NRVPA has not conducted a use study to justify such a major change to the park’s mission and purpose and cannot substantiate the need for this proposed new construction.
  • TRAFFIC: The NRVPA plan to greatly increase traffic to the park would exacerbate an existing congestion on Marcey and Beechwood Roads, caused by the location of three major recreational facilities on a narrow, residential, and winding road (Donaldson Run pool, Marcey Road Park, and Potomac Overlook Park). The NRVPA needs to conduct a traffic analysis, in conjunction with Arlington Country traffic officials.

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