What People Want


According to the NVRPA’s own “Five Year Strategic Plan, 2012-2017,” Potomac Overlook Park already provides the top four  activitiethat area residents most often participate in — and the next three activities (swimming/sunbathing/beach) don’t happen in the woods and are provided by various other NVRPA facilities. See table below.


Potomac Overlook has several miles of hiking trails

Even by NVRPA’s own standards, Potomac Overlook  already fulfills its role by offering exactly what area residents say they want.






Table III-I:  Percentage of Households

Participating in Activities (2011 — All Varieties)

Activities                                                          Percent

Walking for pleasure                                    82.2%

Visiting historic sites                                    63.5%

Visiting parks (local, state, natl.)             50.6%

Visiting natural area/preserve/refuge   50.3%

Swimming/pool                                                43.1%

Sunbathing/relaxing on a beach                38.3%

Swimming/beach                                              38.3%


Teaching children how to grow at Potomac Overlook’s vegetable garden


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